the preferred sandwiches of san francisco's upperclass

This is the kind of hard-hitting journalism I rely on SFist for: an analysis of former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown's column that reveals a suspicious enthusiasm for Subway sandwiches.  Is Willie Brown hanging with Jared and raking in cash and free footlongs from the world's new #1 fast food chain?  Or maybe he just knows a $5 footlong value when he sees one?  I'm actually kind of fond of Subway (you guys know at this point that I don't have snobby tastes in sandwiches, right???) although I rate Togo's higher.  And at least he's not shilling for Quizno's, that place is straight garbage.


  1. I love that some subways are open 24 hours. There is one in the financial district on market right outside an embarcadero station. So nice to have some place open all the time! I also like quiznos...

  2. booo quiznos sucks boooo

  3. Gah! Death to Subway! As a sandwich aficionado, the terrible stench that emanates from every Subway is affront to the Lord. Plus, dodgy meat slathered in vinegar and salt on an awful breadish substance? Ick, no thanks!