saturday night horror

I'm only willing to accept partial blame for this one.  Ok, yes, I was the one that came home from the corner store with a package of bologna and a bag of "flamas" (Mexican chili-lime) Doritos.  But when I sat down at the couch with my late night snack, it was a simple bologna and cheddar sandwich with a bowl of chips on the side.  It was only at the prompting of Els did the two combine, against the will of GOD, in unholy matrimony.  I therefor suggest that any hate mail/picketings/prayers for eternal souls be directed at her, and not me.  Even though I'm the one that ate this.... and thought it was GREAT.  Does it make it any less trashy that it was on nice German Farm bread, with imported German mustard and a good sharp cheddar bought at the local co-op?  No, it only makes it that much worse.  What a horribly trashy and shameful sandwich.  But, I think I have some chips and bologna left over in the kitchen right now...... and I do need to eat lunch..... don't judge me!


  1. i have nothing but the finest memories sitting on my grandparents porch looking out at lake tahoe in the summer, which is when i started putting my chips in sandwiches. but mine didn't involve doritos or bolonga... to me a simple turkey and cheese sandwich is made kinda fun w/ tortillia or corn chips!

  2. I just had my 3rd baloney-dorito sandwich. I'd say the ideal combination I found was on the black bread, with yellow mustard and mayo. The surprising crunch is the best part!