fatburger vs in-n-out

One of my new experiences living here in LA is access to Fatburger, which I'd never eaten at previously. I'd sort of heard rumblings on tv and on the internet about comparisons between Fatburger and In-N-Out, and I think maybe at least one local news show and maybe one of the weeklies were comparing the two fast food joints. So I figured this was a good excuse to eat some greasy food, and I set out to determine which place has the better cheeseburger. First up- Fatburger!

part 1 - fatburger
part 2 - in-n-out


  1. fatburger is better i know trust me ive eaten there and my friend works there fatburger is rly delicious thier meats are not frozen patties (they make them) their vegetables are fresh and clean and they have rly great stuff they have great "product" lol but one downer is that fatburger is kinda expensive but its worth it cuz fatburger is delicious... GO FATBURGER GO GO FATBURGER GO!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  2. I can't really argue with this kind of enthusiasm!