fatburger vs in-n-out, round 1

fatburger, north vermont & hollywood, los angeles
This was actually my second visit to Fatburger- the first time was when my pal (and potential breadxbread contributor, if he ever responds to the invite) Dan was in town. But that time I got a spicy chicken sandwich (which was great), and this contest is about burgers. Speaking of contests, if you eat a triple "kingburger" (kingburgers = 1/2 lb patties, so a triple king = 1.5 lbs of meat) in one sitting, they'll put your photo on the wall at Fatburger. I am going to do this, as soon as I run a marathon or save someone from drowning or some other accomplishment that would justify eating a triple kingburger. So anyway, this is the first fatburger I'd ever had. I opted to get the regular size burger, with a 1/3 lb patty, and that ended up being plenty of food. I don't think I was able to finish my fries, even. I'd say it was a pretty good burger- I see why this place gets comparisons to In-N-Out. The ingredients all seemed fresh and I didn't have the same sense of having eaten industrial products that I get from going to McDonald's. The burger had both pickles and pickle relish, and being a fan of all things pickled, I appreciated that. By fast food standards, this was a pretty great burger.

tomorrow - In-N-Out!

part 2 - in-n-out


  1. the entire time I lived in LA I never went once, not because of anything bad about it, just that whenever I was near one I wasn't hungry, and when I wanted one, they were never around.

  2. huh. come to think of it, I'm not sure I've seen too man fatburgers around. maybe I should have thrown tommy's in the mix too.

  3. ok I fixed it! I made a grammatical error in your e-mail address.