Korso / Sunrise Cafe

I walk out of the garage, would the garage door stop if someone was under it? I'm excited enough to run, but I'd rather take my time walking. Just one block. Chunky condos, empty lots, that old guy, those mechanics. Early in the morning, but no jacket needed. When someone locks their bike in the same spot every day; that means it'll get stolen right? Who would I tell even if I was right?

Inside. Someone already sitting, hamburger for breakfast. I don't need to look at the menu, I'm sure he recognizes me, it's hard to tell.
"Hi, could I uhm have an egg and cheese sandwich..", hand motions, "..uhm, but like on a croissant."
"OK, yeah. That's ham in egg in cheese in croissant." Does he recognize me? Sometimes he gets it right.
"Oh, uhm, no, no ham, just egg and cheese"
"Oh OK. Egg in cheese in croissant."
"Yeah perfect."
"Ok, thats $4.25, and tax, $5.09." Do you actually tax this stuff? Which foods aren't taxed? Like fruit of something? He always hands me the change with two hands.

Back at my desk. Grilling a croissant compensates for it not being fresh. And there's that extra spicy, greasy flavor it always has. Too much egg and bread, but still good. God I love American cheese, I'd get the croissants from the other place but they don't use American cheese. Should I give them a suggestion?

Koro / Sunrise Cafe


  1. this narrative realtime internal dialogue sandwich story is groundbreaking!

    do you know why they have two names?

  2. yeah great post! is this the place you were telling me about before?

  3. No that was little piglet cafe, which is only offering delivery now :-(