fried chicken sandwich

fromin's deli, wilshire & 19th, santa monica
Not long after my experience with Sherman's reuben in Palm Springs, JoJoJoJo and I ate at this Santa Monica restaurant. I decided that I needed to explore my options, stretch my wings, and order something than the usual reuben. So I settled on the fried chicken sandwich, having eaten a fair amount of soy "fried chicken" lately, and hungering for the real thing. The chicken portion of the sandwich was great, very flavorful and not too dry. But in addition to the tasty chicken patty, the sandwich came loaded with toppings, including a plentiful helping of avocado. This made the sandwich fairly slippery and hard to contain, but a little bit of a mess is worth it for a good lunch.

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  1. That has made me so hungry :x
    Not sure on the avacado tho

    I felt inspired to do a post on my own blog like yours, so I made a pilgrimage to get my favorite sandwich, but it was so hard to get a good picture! It just looks like a bread roll, no filling.
    I didnt realize it would be so hard!

    maybe I'll run it, I dunno if it brings anything you know?

    Keep up the good(hard) work!

    Ruby x