patty melt

alexander's brite spot, west sunset & glendale, los angeles
After spending some time wandering around Echo Park, looking for a place to eat, some friends and I settled on this diner. I vaguely recalled hearing good things about it, and I'm a sucker for diners in general, so I was excited for this meal. Inside, it turned out to be pretty quiet- only one other table was filled, despite the fact that this was around eight on a saturday night. A waitress who must have been well into her seventies was wandering around, intently focused on making sure each table had ketchup and napkins! Awesome! She was probably the best part of the restaurant, although the food was good too. I went with the patty melt, one of my diner favorites, and was pleased with the Brite Spot's version- really buttery bread, grease all over my fingers, gooey cheese smothering grilled onions. Yes! The serving size was somewhat small, especially in comparison to the sandwich that JoJoJoJo got, but it was filling and I left contented.


  1. dude i made some prosciutto & blue cheese sandwiches last night. load them up with tomatoes, throw them on the press, and you're good to go.