paradise found

ike's place, 16th & sanchez, san francisco
The process of getting this sandwich ended up being something of a misadventure. For starters, you never can quite tell how long a sandwich will take at Ike's, and in this case, it was less time than it was going to take me to walk there. JoJoJoJo and I set out with the intention that we would take our sandwiches to Dolores and enjoy a picnic there, but it started drizzling as we approached Ike's. So we picked up our sandwiches, turned around, and walked back to my apartment, where these pictures were finally taken. By that time, the sandwich was a soggy mess, and not as hot as its probably meant to be served. I had the bright idea of borrowing my roommate's digital camera, hoping to get better pics than on my phone camera, but the resulting pictures were as indistinct and messy as the sandwich itself. Oh well. The concept behind the sandwich was not bad- ham, pineapple, marinara sauce and provolone cheese. "Like an hawaiian pizza! I love hawaiian pizza!" I thought as I ordered. Well, it turned out to be not quite the same as an hawaiian pizza, because the balance of ingredients was so much different. It seemed to me that there was an awful lot of ham in the sandwich, and although I do love ham, the taste of the meat was more predominant than I had anticipated. Still, though, I suspect that this sandwich would have been much better if I had been able to eat it sooner, while it was still hot and not as mushy. I'd try another one, but frankly there's enough interesting sounding sandwiches on Ike's menu that you'd never have to eat the same sandwich twice.


  1. I'm on a mission to try every veggie philly cheesesteak in SF, and Ike's is next on my list... but looking at your sandwich, maybe I should set my expectations low.

  2. I wouldn't lower your expectations! this was the third sandwich I'd eaten at Ike's, the first that I was at all disappointed with, and even then, it was due to extenuating circumstances. godspeed on your veggie cheesesteak mission!

  3. so i have been to this place once, i had the super mario, which is the meatball sub with fried mozzarella sticks in the place of normal cheese. My assessment is this: way overpriced, way too much of a wait, and the sandwich was pretty mediocre, it was soggy and slightly boring. This place has way too much hype for its own good. If you want an awesome sandwich for half the wait check out Yellow Submarine in the inner sunset(review coming soon)