chix patty sandwiches

JoJoJoJo and I had a BBQ a few weeks back, with some non-meat-eating friends. We brought some Morningstar Farms Chix patties, I think just the standard kind, and grilled them. We also had bought a tin of sliced jalapeño peppers for a pizza we were making later, and I tried dicing up some of the peppers and mixing them into a bowl of pickle relish. On the first sandwich, this was not entirely successful. The flavor of the jalapeño didn't really come through, although the sandwich, which was a pretty straightforward composition, was good. The white sauce you can see is ranch dressing, which came in a little 50 cent package. After the first sandwich (and possibly a few beers) I decided to try making a weirder sandwich on the second go-round. This time I added several slices of jalapeños in addition to the mixed relish, a lot of cheese, and a pretty generous helping of ranch. I was pretty happy with it, although my standards may have been chemically lowered at that point, and later on I ended up with some heartburn. That's the price you pay for innovation, I guess!

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