los picudos, oh yes

tortas los picudos, 24th & alabama, san francisco
There's not a whole lot I remember about this place in the Mission
except that this sandwich was freakin amazing
and my biggest regret was that I couldn't eat both halves in one sitting.
No problem, I had the second half later that night.

What's in it? I can't recall, although
it looks like breaded chicken or turkey,
that crazy good crumbly mexican cheese
red onion, avocado, jalapeno, tomatoes perhaps?
Who cares! Just look at that thing
and vast in it's holy scrumptious-ness.


  1. man you guys is some crazy sandwich eatin' mofo's.

  2. its what makes life worth living! also that sandwich was pollo milanesa - breaded chicken. mmmmmmm