buffalo burger

the fix burgers, hyperion & tracy, los angeles
This Silverlake-based burger joint never seems very busy whenever I walk past, but I saw that they offer buffalo and ostrich burgers when I peeked at their menu, and decided that was too interesting to pass up. So JoJoJoJo and I swung by for lunch one day, ending up with the whole place to ourselves. When you order a burger, you have the option of picking out one of their tasty-sounding sauces like "peppercorn ranch", "spicy sour cream" or "dijon bistro sauce". I decided on the "picante hot sauce", and jack cheese, since I thought a stronger tasting cheese would prevent me from being able to taste the buffalo meat, which was the whole purpose of the visit (some may think that the "picante hot sauce" would cover the flavor of the meat, and yeah thats true, but also I love hot sauce). JoJoJoJo and I split some tasty garlic fries which were covered in a sort of roasted-minced-garlic spread, and then I dug into this burger. It was good, but I'm not sure my sense of taste is sophisticated enough to be able to distinguish the differences between buffalo and beef. The patty was dense and the meat had a smokey flavor, and the hot sauce was really good. All around it was a good meal, although perhaps my one gripe would be that the prices were high enough that I wouldn't be able to eat here very often.

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