guest review - turkey with pear and goat cheese

socha, mission & valencia, san francisco
To be honest, this sandwich was more strategic than anything else. I knew I was in for a coffee-addled late night finishing a project. I was getting my first refill and made a split second decision and ordered this sandwich instead of my usual fare. (…Oh hi, I’d like a refill please and maybe… one of those cinnamon rolls… oh make it two….yes they can go on the same plate…. thank you. ) That being said it was pretty good, although it kind of seemed like it was supposed to be a salad. Pear, goat cheese, turkey, and arugula sounds like a salad to me. But they serve this salad-sandwich on a super soft focaccia that ends up pulling it all together. Also, to its credit, I ate it too quickly to really judge it any further.

guest review by Katie Roquet

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