guest review - grilled cheese with apple

atlas cafe, 20th & alabama, san francisco
Not only did the sharp granny smith apples provide a nice balance to the cheddar cheese, along with the arugula (I think it was arugula, it was something green anyway…) they do an excellent job of making a grilled cheese seem healthy and grown-up. It’s on thick whole-wheat slices, which, appropriately, are almost burnt. The apple slices sitting next to each other can make for a slippery eating experience and requires frequent management of the sandwich’s structure. However, if that’s the price I have to pay for ordering a grilled cheese sandwich while still feeling like an adult, I’ll gladly pay it.

guest review by Katie Roquet


  1. i feel like all i've been hearing about all week long is amazing grilled cheeses, and damnit, i'm ready for one with apples!

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  3. That seems really tasty. I have to get one of those sometime in the near future. Great Blog.