tony soprano vs. tony soprano

recently I went to Ike's Place for the first time, having heard great things about them from seemingly everyone. as I stood contemplating their amazingly long and diverse menu, one item stood out- a sub with italian dressing called the Tony Soprano. it stood out because my favorite sandwich happens to be a sub with italian dressing called the Tony Soprano- from Mr. Pickle's, which really isn't all that far from Ike's Place. how did the two sandwich shops end up with nearly identical sandwiches with the same (strange) name? couldn't one of the shops called the sub "the godfather" or something? which shop had the sandwich first? and which of the two sandwiches was the best Tony Soprano? well, that last question was really the only question I had the resources to answer, and so I set out to answer it. up first, the Tony Soprano from Mr. Pickle's.

round one - Mr. Pickle's
round two - Ike's Place
the verdict

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