meatball sub

mr. pickle's, 20th & south van ness, san francisco
I had such success with trying new menu items recently at Mr. Pickle's that I thought I'd keep it up. this sandwich as came recommended to me by my roommate, so I was pretty excited to try it out. but it ended up not being as amazing as the Dog House had been, perhaps it was because I ate this sandwich just after finding out about the disappearance of Mr. Pickle. the meatballs were the small, grayish kind, and I didn't really like the texture... kinda... rubbery? also, the cheese on this was supposedly provolone (UPDATE: my mistake, it was actually pepper jack), but I could have sworn it tasted an awful lot like ricotta. anyway, it wasn't a bad sandwich, but there are other sandwiches I'd definitely order over this one.

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