tony soprano vs tony soprano, pt 2

ike's place, 16th & sanchez, san francisco
I have to admit, I approched this sandwich with a fair bit of trepidation. on the one hand, I had never eaten a sandwich from Ike's Place before, and had heard praise of the shop from all corners. their menu looked amazing, and the fact that you have to call in a sandwich order an hour in advance on the weekends certainly testified to the popularity of the place. and yet, on the other hand, here was a sandwich they were serving called the Tony Soprano- the same as my favorite sandwich from Mr. Pickle's! how could it possibly compare to my all-time favorite? well it turns out that it actually compares quite well. this sandwich was really, really good. it was doused in salad dressing and sloppy to eat, but worth the mess. rather than the more "italian" (in my mind) ingredients of the Mr. Pickle's Tony Soprano, this sandwich has turkey, ham, and pepperoni. but man oh man are their ingredients good! the turkey was light, flakey and moist, and so so good. the ham was salty and delicious, almost close to canadian bacon in flavor, and along with the pepperoni, mixed well with the turkey. and the bread was great too- really fresh sourdough, strongly sour tasting, with a thin, chewy crust, not crunchy or dry. oh man this was a great sandwich! I'm definitely eager to go back to Ike's Place.

part one - Mr. Pickle's
the verdict

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