tony soprano vs tony soprano, pt 1

mr. pickle's, 20th & south van ness, san francisco
a king among sandwiches! the first time I ate this sandwich, years ago, I was in disbelief. this is definitely one of the sandwiches that falls into the "everything-but-the-kitchen-sink" category of Mr. Pickle's sandwiches (see also the Station 7 and the Gaucho). it's got salami, ham, mortadella and provolone, and salad dressing, in addition to the requisite pesto that is a feature of every Mr. Pickle's sandwich. this thing is a beast. this time I got it on sourdough, which is probably the appropriate choice, although I also like it on dutch crunch quite a bit. as you can imagine, the flavor is intense- salty, oily, vinegary. it's like eating a great salad on top of a great sandwich. it's also intensely delicious. this sandwich is what started my Mr. Pickle love, which played a large role in the decision to start this blog.

round two - Ike's Place
the verdict

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