mr. pickle's new boilermaker!

mr. pickle's, 19th & south van ness, san francisco
Boilermaker: Chicken breast, ranch dressing, bacon and cheddar
Remember when I was all excited about Mr. Pickle's new menu, but said that their new sandwiches (particularly the Hipster) seemed like clumsy attempts to compete with other more exotic sandwich places, then said I was going back for another sandwich?  Remember?  No?  Come on, it was only like last week.  HERE.  Alright, so now that we're all caught up, I have to admit that I was wrong about something.  I went back to Mr. Pickle's for another sandwich, and talked a little to the guys who were making the sandwiches, including that one guy that's been there forever.  And when I mentioned that I'd tried the Hipster, he was all excited and told me that it was his creation and that he'd been making it for years as an occasional daily special and that it always sold like hotcakes.  So my unnecessarily cynical theory about the origins of that sandwich was wrong, and now I feel kind of like a jerk.  Sorry Mr. Pickle's!  Of course, that doesn't really change the fact that the Hipster seems like an odd fit for Mr. Pickle's.  The Boilermaker, on the other hand, is basically the prototypical Mr. Pickle's sandwich and fits on their menu like a glove.  Um.... a menu-shaped glove, I guess.  There's nothing weird or wild about the Boilermaker: chicken, bacon, cheddar, ranch.  Plus pesto and the works, like all of Mr. Pickle's sandwiches.  Makes sense, right?  A total crowd-pleaser, just a lot of things that are pretty bad for you but that you know you want to eat.  The ranch that Mr. Pickle's uses has a pretty mild flavor, and gave the chicken a nice creamy texture.  The bacon was subtle and I actually forgot it was on the sandwich for the first half, and was pleasantly reminded when I got a bit with a lot of it.  So that was cool.  All in all, this is pretty much the kind of sandwich that Mr. Pickle's excels in making.  It just feels so right!  Next time, however, I'm going for another one of their weirder new sandwiches- but this time I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

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