as aw has recently pointed out the mr pickle's on 20th and south van ness has expanded their menu and today i thought i'd try something from it.  normally, my go to is #2, the vegi, on a wheat roll with avocado, no pickles and no pepperocinis (i don't like them).  but today i thought i'd go for something that i wouldn't normally get, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great, it was really just a new thing to try that i don't think i'd get again.  i'm not bummed out i got it though because it was interesting.  #26 is also known as "sweet pea" it features both provolone and pepper jack cheese, pickled hot and sweet peppers and for a dollar more you can add tofu, which i got.  i was expecting a light and mild sandwich and this was anything but.  rather it was sorta intense, the heat from the peppers made me sweat a little, i ended up having to take some of the jalapeno's off. 

i think that there are people out there that will love this sandwich, i was maybe not one of them but i wanted to let you all know that this existed and that some of you may want to get this.

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  1. since you were kind enough to save me half of your sandwich, I got a chance to try this too (although not hot and fresh) and I have to say I really liked it! the tofu was really bad and chewy but I liked how spicy the sandwich was. I'm definitely going to try this another time!