kitchenette's corned beef

kitchenette, illinois btw 22nd & 21st, san francisco
"house corned beef sandwich caraway-braised cabbage, stoneground mustard"
Els recently won lunch for two in Kitchenette's business card drawing, and yesterday she invited me as her lunch date (lucky me!!!!).  As if the idea of free Kitchenette with Els wasn't enough already, Kitchenette was serving their corned beef sandwich, and I love corned beef.  In fact, I've been planning a feature on various reubens in SF, and last Saturday Els and I had even tried to get some corned beef at the new Wise Sons Deli (to no avail: Wise Sons had run out of meat by the time we got there, boooooooo).  So I was excited that I'd be able to get my hands on some good corned beef like I'd been wanting.  This sandwich didn't just fulfill my craving for corned beef, it absolutely obliterated that craving in an explosion of fatty beefy flavor.  Just look at that thing!!!  It was so dripping with grease that squeezing the roll caused oil to drip out of the soggy bottom of the sandwich.  This was easily one of the most decadent things I've ever eaten, and I savored every bite of it.  Of course, afterwards I felt a deep, burning shame and a desire for confession (and a strange tingling in my left arm....).  This sandwich was so epically delicious and overwhelmingly destructive to my body that I found myself making promises to myself about how I was going to eat healthy from now on and get more exercise, how I needed to be more responsible about my diet, etc.  Any sandwich that makes you question your lifestyle after you eat it is a crazy good sandwich.  It wasn't a reuben like I had been wanting, but I can't imagine what this sandwich would have been like if it had Russian or Thousand Island dressing and cheese on it- I think I would have died on the spot.  But the caraway-braised cabbage was a nice substitute for sauerkraut, and helped create the illusion that this sandwich was more than a nuclear missile of meat and fat.  And the stoneground mustard held its own on the sandwich, and rounded out the sweet fattiness of the beef with a spicy bite.  But in the end it was the corned beef that was the centerpiece of this deadly and delicious creation, and it is the corned beef that will haunt my dreams (and arteries).  I'm only eating salads for the rest of the week.

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