chicken fajita sandwich - the sandwich place

the sandwich place, 16th & mission, san francisco
Wow, I can't believe that I haven't reviewed The Sandwich Place on 16th and Mission before!  I've only been a few times, but I am definitely super impressed by their humble and excellent shop.  I assumed that I had already publicly proclaimed my fondness for this shop, but I guess I hadn't!  Let's fix that.  The first time I went to The Sandwich Shop, I had been bemoaning the fact that quality $5 sandwiches didn't seem to exist in the Mission... so I was stoked to see that the prices at The Sandwich Place were totally reasonable.  If you want just a straight-ahead sandwich, you can get one for $5 bux there!  That being said, I decided to go for one of their (slightly pricier) daily specials- in this case, it was a chicken fajita sandwich.  You can get regular or large sandwiches- I was hungry and went for the large- and it turns out that the large sandwiches are indeed fairly gigantic.  The chicken and roasted veggies were savory and tasted fresh, and the bread was high quality.  I was very satisfied (and FULL) after eating this.  Although it's easy to overlook this tiny shop as you dodge traffic on Mission, its well worth stopping in to try out one of their sandwiches.

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