chicken, fig and goat cheese

Here's a sandwich Els whipped up for lunch today!  One of the things that most impresses me about her cooking is that before last night, she had never cooked with fig before.  Yet somehow we ended up coming home from the store with figs and now today I had before me a chicken sandwich topped with fig.  I thought the combination of flavors in the sandwich was amazing.  The very first taste I noticed was the sweetness of the fig, which was very sugary and gooey.  The sweetness gave way to the sour sharp flavor of the goat cheese, the creamy texture of which melted together nicely with the fig.  Finally, there was a very surprising spicy bite from the mustard Els used- surprising because the mustard has such a strong and typically overwhelming flavor, but was used in moderation and so it didn't become noticeable until after the other flavors.  I think the only drawback to this sandwich was that we ran out of roast chicken- the various flavors of this sandwich were so strong that I think they could have used a more neutral flavor at the center, and big chunks of chicken would have done nicely.  Still!  This was such a good lunch.... I think Els is some kind of sandwich savant.

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