This is the final sandwich in this epic competition, and it was far and away the best: Pal's "home cured and coffee smoked" pulled pork, served with buttermilk slaw, house made pickles and bbq sauce on a poppyseed kaiser roll. The thing that struck me most about this sandwich was how well balanced it was- for a bbq sandwich, none of the flavors were especially strong. I liked this fact- I could taste the tender and smoky flavor of the pork, which was complemented by the sweet flavors of the pickles and bbq sauce, and tangy crunch of the slaw. Even though I love pickles, I normally despise bread and butter pickles. But even though the house made pickles were very sweet like bread and butter pickles, I thought they were perfect in this sandwich. I don't often get pulled pork sandwiches, because they need to be done right- but when they are done right, like this instance, they are fantastic! My only complaint was that this sandwich was on the smaller side, and I would have been happy to eat more.
So now that all of the sandwiches have been accounted for, which shop reigns supreme at the intersection of 24th and Hampshire? Dagwood and Scoops has the advantage of better hours, and a much, much larger menu. Pal's may not necessarily be serving the sandwich you want on a given day, and might not even be open when you want it. Dagwood's does not have these drawbacks, but despite offering creative and appealing sandwiches, their actual product is underwhelming, especially given their prices. So although Pal's offerings are much more limited, I defintely would pick their sandwiches as the superior lunch. WINNER: PAL'S (VICTORY BY BBQ)

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