...And here's the first contender from Pal's! This was not one of the sandwiches that was advertised on the menu online, making this the second time I've gone to Pal's only to descover they weren't serving the sandwich I wanted- only this time, the necessary ingredients hadn't yet arrived, whereas last time they had sold out. I guess, even given Pal's already limited hours, it's best not to show up too early or too late if you have your heart set on a particular sandwich. So, instead of a shrimp sandwich, this was local (?) albacore, with olives, capers, parsely, compound butter, tomato and cucumber. The guy behind the counter said there was no mayo, but you'd never know it because it tasted quite a bit like tuna salad. That's not such a bad thing though, because it did taste really good- although I wish the flavor of the olives and capers had been stronger. Also, seven dollars seems like a lot for such a small tuna fish sandwich. But then, Pal's takes a lot of pride in telling you where their ingredients come from, so you know what you are paying for- so this seven dollar sandwich didn't seem like as much as a rip-off as our seven dollar sandwich from Dagwood's. Next up is the last sandwich in this face-off: Pal's pulled pork!

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  1. i would disgree about the taste of tuna salad. i think the lack of mayo helped bring forward the delecate flavors of all the ingredients, especially those that may have taken a back seat had there been mayo. this sandwich had wonderful lite and extreemly fresh flavors that sometimes fish sandwiches have.

    i also really liked the mild flavor of the oilives and capers. i was really unhappy w the olives on the billy from dagwood's, so much so i couldn't finish half of it