veggies and tartine bread

I was given a loaf a bread from Tartine this week.  This bread is the best!  When I've gotten it fresh outa the oven I can't even make it home without inhaling half the loaf, it's super fluffy and moist and when it's fresh it seems to just melt in the mouth. 
One of the best things about great bread (well good ingredients in general) is that you don't have to do much to make a great tasting meal.  With the weird summer fog San Francisco has been experiencing I've been very lazy in the mornings this week.  I've been staying in bed longer, not wanting to put a lot of effort into prepping food for the day and also I've been running out the door late.  So lunch has been thrown together rather haphazardly.  
This sandwich features Tartine's Country Bread, sliced pink lady apple, spinach, sharp cheddar, dijon burgundy mustard, spinach, and red onion.  I tend to eat some version of this a lot and I really like how balanced all the flavors tend to be, sweet and savory with a hint of heat. 

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  1. i would eat a sandwich that was just two slices of this bread and nothing else!