Y & Y Vietnamese Deli (Closed)

The deli is in a store so there is a lot going on. They sell produce, dry food, phone cards, and maybe more. It may be easy to miss. There are two high tables with chairs tucked along with a refrigerator and the window that faces Clement street and piles of produce. The lighting varies within the store but isn't overwhelming. It can feel busy but it can feel cozy for just a minute. I've had a couple of their sandwiches and have only eaten there once. I usually take it to go but wouldn't be against eating in the deli again if need be. The staff are nice, too.

I got this sandwich after missing lunch so I was starving at this point. I got bánh mì. This photo really captures what makes this sandwich awesome to me. It feels like a surprise every time I unwrap it. It's filling and it's light. I get this sandwich a lot for a reason. It keeps me going without keeping me down. This sandwich was rich with flavor and really satisfying. It's definitely different from other sandwiches I had which is why I love coming back to this place.

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  1. Just wanted to mention that if you ask for a vegetarian sandwich you will get a sandwich with mixed vegetables and greens. Make sure to ask for a tofu sandwich if that's what you want.