Lee's Sandwiches

This post is about another...bánh sandwich! Surprised? What makes this different is that I got this sandwich at Lee's Sandwiches in the Tenderloin (or Little Saigon?) which is a chain store! That is impressive and maybe even a little suspect to some. The store is big and they sell bread and other food items which is handy especially since this place is open until nine in the evening. Most places in the neighborhood that make bánh close earlier so this gives Lee's an upper hand.

I got this sandwich in a hurry. I got off the bus and walked straight for this place. I knew it'd be open and I knew I could get what I want and be able to sit down, too. Huge plus. I've been to this place once before and I remember the bread being flaky. This time I didn't notice it as much. What struck me was how long the sandwich is even though it is narrow. They sell the same or similar baguettes in the store. I have a soft spot for baguettes and being able to buy them so conveniently. I got a pennywort drink to go with it and it was refreshing. The sandwich was basic, nothing was too surprising about this sandwich but it was filling and delicious. Maybe I am just biased because I prefer bánh mì under any circumstances.

What stands out most to me about Lee's is it's convenience. I don't want to wait in line for a sandwich to go and eat it on the street. Sometimes I just want a little tray with my sandwich, neon lights, and a floor to ceiling window seat where I can people watch and be watched as I eat.

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  1. That is pretty cheap compare to others. Looks delicious.