Darby Dan's

Darby Dan's is along the freeway in South San Francisco. They have plenty of seating and serve entrees and full meals. There is a wheelchair entrance, too. It's long and divided in two parts. The one facing the highway has the deli and usually a long line. The largest pan on windows face the parking lot. It was bright in the middle of the day. The other side doesn't have deli and is less busy though it is not any quieter. There are televisions so it can get overwhelming with such enthusiastic clients. I was very happy to take this to go.

I had this sandwich about a year ago. I can't remember what it's called or the specific ingredients. They serve certain sandwiches on specific days. Most of it's a lot of fresh meat that smells amazing. The sandwiches are big so I didn't want to get something that would make me dull. I happily chose this eggplant sandwich. It was very hearty and rich. These are the sandwiches that you have to undo a notch in your belt. I could only eat one half. This sandwich was delicious! I was very happy to have leftovers. It smells amazing, too!

I would love to find a place that does such a tasty sandwich as this. I heard other people talking about this place and they do for a reason. I haven't been back since because I never have business in South San Francisco but the next time I do I am heading straight for this place. It's that good!

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