pluto's french dip

 pluto's, university & cowper, palo alto

Here's another restaurant that you can find in the Inner Sunset, actually just a block or two away from Yellow Submarine (which I wrote about yesterday, remember??). Although in this particular case, I was eating at the Pluto's in Palo Alto. I remember being pretty excited when Pluto's opened in downtown Palo Alto in the 90's. I liked the space theme, I thought the sandwiches were good, and I loved the curly fries. My views haven't changed much since then, although these days I can usually find a more interesting place to eat and so rarely go to Pluto's anymore. And that's really all you can say about the place. Passable, not that interesting. Pluto's!

Btw, I think it took me six months to actually write this.


  1. I went to Pluto's two weeks ago and got a vegetarian sandwich. It was good and filling. I need to go back to review that sandwich again!

  2. which one did you go to? what was on your sandwich?

  3. I went to the one in the inner sunset. I got a sandwich with ricotta, tomato, and spinach. It was pretty good!