Father's Office.

Father's Office, Culver City, Los Angeles, CA
Hooooly crap! This might be the best burger I've ever had! It really was that good...

Now let me be clear: this isn't a traditional burger. What I consider to be a traditional burger is one with lettuce, tomato, pickles, maybe thousand islands sauce... you know, and all the other usual ingredients. The Office Burger they sell here is more of a gourmet burger. The regular fries are a-ma-zing! And apparently their sweet potato fries are even better...

here are the ingredients for the burger:

The Office Burger (Dry Aged Beef) caramelized onion, applewood bacon compote, gruyere, matag blue cheese and arugula.

The gruyere cheese was perfectly mild and tasty, though i didn't really get too much of a blue cheese flavor. I'm pretty sure it was obscured by the strong flavor of the caramelized onions and deliciously sweet applewood bacon compote. The applewood bacon compote was basically like a BBQ sauce that tasted completely organic and just sweet enough. The arugula was kind of a odd surprise at first, me being used to watery ice-berg lettuce and all, but not in a bad way. It was super fresh just like everything else.

And of course with all burgers (and possibly all sandwiches for that matter) the most important thing was the quality of the meat (for all you meat-eaters out there). This patty was pretty mind-blowingly good. I asked for mine medium rare, and they delivered it just right. Juicy, flavorful, completely fresh and organic without a hint of artificial flavor. Ridiculously good.

and the fries:

Basket of Frites "A La Cart" garlic parsley aioli

Just delicious little thin fries with a hint of garlic and bits of parsley. Very excellent tartar-like dipping sauce as well. Apparently you have to bring your own ketchup if that's what you want on your fries, but I didn't really mind the fact that they don't have it.

Basically, this is just a frickin' awesome burger. The ONLY negative I'd have to give it is the price: 12.50 for the burger and 2.50 for the fries. But to it's credit, there are a ton of places that charge that much and deliver considerably less. I would absolutely say that it's worth it, maybe just not all the time if your as impoverished as I am. But seriously though, this burger is 12 dollars good. It really is.


  1. oh damn I want to go to this place so bad!! I can't believe I never went when I was living down there.

  2. what kind of burger place doesn't have ketchup though??? that is some kinda bullshit

  3. The sweet potato fries are off the chaindangler- I usually just enjoy nice brews and those but appurrently that burger is what's up.