Vegetarian Vietnamese Sandwich!

Viking's Giant Submarines, Glen Park, San Francisco
Lately I have been craving a big vegetarian Vietnamese sandwich. I've convinced myself to wait to go to my favorite spot in the Tenderloin for sandwiches but today I really couldn't resist any longer. I've been keeping an eye out for tasty spots for a sandwich in and around Glen Park. While I found a couple that I wanna check out I felt like going someplace I knew first instead. I can't remember the first time I went to Viking's but it wasn't memorable.

I stepped in and was immediately underwhelmed. It seemed they had a lot of food that I wasn't in the mood for and was about to step out when I see a piece of paper stuck onto the menu that said they were now serving Vietnamese sandwiches! Score!
Just looking at this gets me all hungry again. When I got it I thought the woman got the order wrong because I never seen tofu look so damn tasty! I finished the first half and felt amazing. I debated saving the other half but I was just too hungry and the sandwich was too good. Everything was just right. It's a fairly simple sandwich and I have yet to eat one that was done wrong. I was also starving so my appetite may be an unfair bias. A lot of people come and go at this place and it seems most take their orders to go.

It's really convenient because it's right across from the Glen Park bart station. Either way, if you're in the area and not feeling like taking a risk just cross the street and enjoy looking out the window, munching on a tasty sandwich and people watching.

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  1. God that looks so tasty i can not even stand it. i am drooling right now.