Canter's Patty Melt on Rye

canter's delicatessen, north fairfax avenue, los angeles
Canter's, oh how i love thee. One of the top deli restaurants in LA, Canter's very rarely gets it wrong. While their Reubens for the most part are the superior sandwich choice, this patty melt on rye was certainly a worthy contender. The first thing I look for with any meal is always the quality of the individual ingredients. And in this case they were pretty solid. The bread was tasty, but honestly could have been slightly fresher. I really couldn't tell if it was over-toasted of maybe a little unfresh (not stale by any means). But overall i'm a big fan of the somewhat soft on the inside, toasty and crispy on the outside bread, and it succeeded in that for the most part. The quality of the beef: pretty good, pretty good, but not stellar. I would say that hamburgers are probably not Canter's forte. The grilled onions, the cheese, and the sauce that i can't define were all great though and that made it a very solid sandwich overall. Little bag of ruffles came with it, which was fine. If i had this sandwich at any other place i would think it was pretty damn great, but coming from a place like Canter's, it gets a solid B.


  1. whoa... you can browse sandwiches on this thing by ingredient?? awesome.

  2. man i wanna go to canter's hella bad!