shana's pulled pork sliders @ the KO

the knockout, mission & valencia, san francisco
The Knockout, at Mission and Valencia in the Outer Mission, used to be my employer and still is one of my favorite bars in the city.  So imagine how dumbstruck I was to learn that, for the last few months, bartender-extraordinaire Shana had been cooking up some slow-roasted pork and serving sliders during her Tuesday happy hour shift?  It was if some cosmic entity had gone through a checklist of things I think are rad and decided to put them all together in one night.  So last week Els and I walked out to the KO, enjoying the newly extended hours of daylight.  We arrived shortly after the bar opened at 6 and sidled up to the bar.  Thin Lizzy on the stereo?  Check.  Metallica: Behind the Music on the TV?  Check.  Delicious pork sliders? Check, check and check.  Shana's got a serve-yourself type situation going on: there's a crockpot full of sweet, soft and savory pork, and a bag of buns.  Each slider will set you back a mere dollar; they go great with a cold beer, or if you have a sweet tooth, one of Shana's sorority-shots.  I ate something like six of these, I think.  Definitely a great way to wind down a warm spring day.  Tonight's Tuesday, so head out and get yrself some!

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