Just woke up and I need a sandwich

I woke up very early this morning and I knew just what I was gonna make. The ultimate breakfast sandwich! Ciabatta sandwich round two!
It was rather similar than the last sandwich I made previously but I planned to make it with a bit more care. I put avocado on both sides of the bread (not too much) and a slice of muenster cheese. I put the bread in the oven to get it all nice, warm, and crunchy

Then I sliced up some mushrooms with an egg. (No need to admire my cooking skills, folks)

Then the meat! I was really ready to make the ultimate breakfast sandwich! Too bad when I grabbed the sausage it wasn't there! It was in the freezer and hard as a rock! It would have taken forever to thaw so I had to settle for a less appropriate meat: Salmon. (Again). I put it all together and added a couple slices of tomato, lemon, and dash of salt. Final product: Some sorry mess.
I actually did manage to take a photo before the bite but I think the bite really shows the contents of the sandwich well. It was a really nicely put together sandwich except for the salmon. The taste of egg and salmon kinda grossed me out. I felt like I was guilt tripped into this sandwich. It would have been so much more amazing without the salmon and tomatoes! It should've been Italian sausage! Then it would have been the ultimate, roll out of bed sandwich to enjoy before the sun rises.
Ah, well. It was hearty and it hit a spot but not the spot. Next time...

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  1. mmmmm that sandwich looks good, but also crazy!