I'm not proud but I am hungry

I am also impatient. The proof is in the bite I took before taking the photo. Either way, it was around midnight when I made this. I just saw some ciabatta bread, salmon, and avocados and decided to make a sandwich.. There wasn't much thought put into this sandwich. I toasted the bread and prepared an avocado (isn't cutting one open the best thing in the world?), cut several slices of tomato, and put a bit of cream cheese with herbs on one side. I went pretty wild with the avocado, though, and it overwhelmed the sandwich. I couldn't taste the salmon and could only feel the texture of the tomatoes. It could have used a dash of spices and a little bit of lemon but I only realized this after I devoured this. Despite being only able to taste the avocado and ciabatta it was still satisfying even if it was carelessly put together. For a midnight snack this hit the spot.

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  1. dang that sounds like a great midnight sandwich! ciabatta rules