atlas turkey sandwich

 atlas cafe, 20th & alabama, san francisco
 Although this is my first review of a sandwich from Atlas (bxb contributor Katie reviewed their grilled cheese and apple sandwich last year), its certainly not my first sandwich from the Mission coffee shop.  While I've very much enjoyed the beetloaf sandwich in the past, and Els swears by the roasted yam sandwich, I've also had sandwiches at Atlas that didn't impress me much.  So my hopes for this turkey sandwich were rather subdued when I ordered.  It didn't help that I was HUNGRY and I recalled Atlas' sandwiches as being on the smaller side.  As it turns out, my worries were for naught- this tasted hella good and was pretty filling too.  The turkey was fresh and flavorful, and of course turkey on sourdough is basically the most classic combo of all time.  But, this wasn't yr average turkey sandwich.  Sharp cheddar and red onions bit at the taste buds, and a sweet chipotle-fig chutney balanced out the stronger sour and savory flavors.  Get this, a ginger lemonade, and enjoy the backyard patio if it isn't too packed.


  1. You have to try the pulled pork sandwich at Atlas. It's only available when the sign it up for it as a special. Pulled pork, procutto, cheese, fennel pickles, and miso mustard grilled on the sandwich press. MMMMMMMM.

  2. I was hoping to get the pulled pork, actually! they weren't serving it at the time I got this turkey sandwich, though.