kitchenette millionaire

 kitchenette, illinois & 20th, san francisco
So Els already reviewed Kitchenette once before, but this was my first trip.  Tucked away in a loading dock behind a warehouse on Illinois, Kitchenette is a pretty cutty little food shop.  In fact, it's only open for lunch on weekdays.  AND they change their menu every few days, so if there's something in particular you want, you better make it a point to get there.  Ultra-limited gourmet sandwiches tucked away in a corner of San Francisco?  You can imagine how much I was already sold on the concept alone.  Fortunately, Kitchenette isn't just a cool idea; the food is exceptional.  This sandwich was the "Kitchenette Millionaire", an Indian-style chicken sandwich, and while the name maybe wasn't a great idea, everything else about this was.  The salty, savory fried chicken tasted fantastic with sweet "garam masala" honey, spicy peppers and cabbage slaw, and creamy lemon-aoli.  The bread roll was light and spongy, but strong enough to hold it all together.  I could have eaten three or four of these, but sadly I had only one.  Oh, and the apple-rosemary soda Kitchenette makes is awesome!!  It tastes like gummi bears.  In a good way.


  1. I just wanna add that Kitchenette has a Mission location at the Heart Wine Bar, you know if the Dog Patch is a little farther than you want to venture.

    I haven't been yet, but it's in the works.

  2. do they ever have vegan sandwiches, or veganish ones? i'm in the dogpatch pretty often (for no good reason really - usually to walk around the bethlehem steel ruins and gawk), and i want to try this place if i can.

  3. they always have a vegi option, but i've never really seen vegan options. nevertheless, it's worth visiting just for their drink options!