roast beef and apple

Roast beef with apple, red onion, spinach and dijon mustard!!  UH, ROAST BEEF AND APPLE!!!  Why did no one think of this before?  Or did they?  Does this sandwich have a name?  It was super, super good.  I can't even describe what a weird and awesome flavor the combination of roast beef and apple has.  This sandwich RULED. BTW- I surprised Els for lunch this day, and this sandwich is what she had packed. Like, just a casual, everyday kinda lunch. I think she is kinda crazy.


  1. That is a combo I would never have come up with in a million years or even if all I had left was bread, roast beef and apple in the fridge, but it kinda makes sense, esp. depending on the roast beef.

  2. How was the apple prepared? Fresh? Looks very, very interesting!

    I wonder what would happen if you slow-cooked the beef in apple juice...hmm.

  3. WOAH! I gotta admit, I'm kinda stoked my lunch received comments!

    Spinach and granny smith apples are kinda a kitchen staple for me and when I make my lunch I normally just make it with whatever is in my fridge. Sometimes sandwiches seem like mini meals between two pieces of bread. If it normally tastes good in a meal, it should taste great mixed together on bread.

    The apple is uncooked, it was actually just the leftovers of what didn't make it into my morning yogurt, and the roast beef is from Bi-rite - they roast their own.

    Also, kind of a side note, but related to apples in sandwiches, when making grilled cheese's I like to saute apple slices in butter before putting them into the grilled cheese. I also normally add spinach and red onion along with the apple.

    I do want to make a correction to AW's ingrient list, it was stoneground mustard.