anotha rainy day sandwich

 kitchenette, illinois & 20th, san francisco
Kitchenette SF is this great little lunch stop in the Dog Patch serving out of the back of the American Industrial Center Warehouse. Based on fresh, organic and local ingredients, their lunch menu's change on a daily basis.

If I happen to not bring lunch to work and have $10 in my wallet, this place is my favorite lunch spot. And today this was the case, I had not made lunch and I happened to have enough money for a $10 lunch.

My co-worker and I both decided on the beef and pork polpette, aka, meatball sandwich and at the end, we both wanted to relive the experience of devouring it. Tender and juicy meatballs were coated in an amatriciana sauce (tomato, pancetta, chile flakes) and sprinkled with pecorino cheese. Quit delish, Kitchenette just never seems to disappoint!

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  1. god-damn! I love meatball sandwiches, and this reminds me that i have not had one in quite some time...