33 Revolutions, El Cerrito (CLOSED)

Not so much a review here, than an obituary. Yet another recession casualty, 33 Revolutions was one of the few great East Bay coffeeshops that sold quality coffee, food, and the only place to get it Ritual style. In frickin' EL CERRITO. But miracles are fleeting and it closed doors Christmas Eve after a few months of rain damage and insurance problems. I mostly went for coffee and wi-fi, but once or twice I managed to sample some sandwiches.

Here is the Tofu and Avocado, a pretty standard vegetarian option. It was slightly above average for a coffeeshop entree, but not terribly memorable either. The tofu had that nice slightly-grilled tangy taste, but the real delight lay in the pesto mayo. I should note that once upon a time I worked briefly at a cafe that made sandwiches. The job was shit but I got to make my own lunches and I put pesto mayo on everything. That stuff just spoke to me. So imagine how pleased I was to discover it here, on accident! Previously kinda forgettable but now with something to enjoy. That was this 33 Revolutions sandwich. I probably would've slathered it with more tofu and mayo, but that's fine.

Rest in peace, sweet coffeeshop.

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  1. wow, great entry jen! that sandwich looks pretty good to me. tofu + pesto mayonnaise sounds tasty.