intrigue! suspense! adventure! SANDWICHES


"Yo, email me, i have a special sandwich spot to take you to in SF. You need to review this spot, it's special."

I love a good mystery.  And, obviously, I love a good sandwich.  So when the above message was left in the comments of one of my recent entries, I couldn't resist.  Special sandwich spot???  What does this dude know that I don't??  Maybe this dude was just yanking my chain.  I had to find out!  I took the bait and responded, employing my finest investigative skills:

"Woah what special sandwich shop??? I gotta know!"

His response was, maddeningly, no more revealing than his initial comment:

"I can only take you there, i cannot tell you about it.
I can pick you up.  Thursday? Friday?
You tell me the address and then i will get you in my twelve year old
Celica or my
[other car].  You pick.
And you give me address, i pick you up.  No problems.


I must admit that, at this point, I felt somewhat trepidatious.  I seemed to recall being told something, in my youth, about not getting into cars with strangers who promised you candy.  But then, this dude wasn't offering candy, duh!  So nuts to that rule.  Plus, I had a journalistic obligation.  Sandwiches were on the line!  I knew, deep in my heart, that there really was no question about what to do.  The meet was arranged.  The 12-year-old Celica was picked.  Friday was to be the day the mystery would be solved.

"Just to make sure, you've never had a sandwich in Hunter's Point, right?


There was no way this could end poorly!

Tomorrow: I reveal whether or not it ended poorly!!


  1. AH! You cad! I need to know how this story ends!

  2. ha ha i suspect you may know how it turned out! btw yr profile pic reminds me of this album cover by SF band I Am Spoonbender:

  3. well at least now i know you didn't die in hunter's point.