korean steak sandwich

rhea's deli, 19th & valencia, san francisco
This was my second go-round with Rhea's Korean Steak Sandwich- the documentation of my first was lost when I stupidly lost my nice digital camera on Halloween.  Losing my camera, however, gave me a great excuse to get another one of these sandwiches, though!  The steak is marinated in honey, soy sauce and spices, and has an incredibly soft and moist texture.  The menu claims that the sandwich comes with the cheese of your choice, but the guy making the sandwiches didn't inquire and we ended up with cheddar.  That's fine by me, but I could see maybe a jack cheese being good with this too.  This sandwich also supposedly comes with THREE kinds of onions: grilled onions, pickled onions, and fresh onions!  It was kind of hard to verify the validity of that claim, but I'd believe it.  When presented with the option, we asked for the sandwich spicy, and it was fairly hot- just not burn-your-mouth, chug-your-drink hot.  I think that the hotness (hot sauce + picked jalapeños) was a perfect match for the sweetness of the meat.  This sandwich is definitely a great choice if you like sweet and spicy.

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