Rhea's Deli: The Lexington, Hot? or Cold?

rhea's deli, 19th & valencia, san francisco
I took mine Hot!

... they gave me the option... it was cold... it was the right option.

Visually, it leaves a little to be desired, but I think the simplicity of a ham and cheese sandwich is, sometimes, all a girl really needs for comfort on a rainy day. Yet, really, this wasn't that simple of a sandwich. Melted swiss covered Boar's Head Black Forest Ham and Honey Maple Ham whose sweetness was complimented by the heat of Rhea's Sweet Pickled Jalapenos. A little extra kick of sweet and spice came with welcome taste buds from Boar's Head Honey Mustard. And the pickles, which I must admit I normally NEVER eat and I did pass most of them along to my eating buddy, wrapped this whole thing up with a punch of tang.

Also, I will admit I feel some of the ingredients advertised were left out of my sandwich. There were no roasted peppers or tomatoes in my or my eating buddy's half. Not to say that this bothered me. It's no longer tomato season and I must admit I greatly dislike out of season tomatoes. And, again, this was a simple sandwich and did not need extra frills of such things.

This was by no means a mind blowing sandwich experience, however, it was a great version of a classic.

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  1. A+ sandwich, would eat again!! thanks for the pickles!