(this is not a review of) Els' eggplant sandwich

Newest bxb contributor Els isn't just a sandwich reviewer, she's also a pretty killer sandwich maker.  And yesterday, she pointed out that I haven't ever reviewed any of the sandwiches she's made for me.  "I guess I'll just have to keep making you sandwiches until you post about one!" she said.
SO... this is NOT a review of today's lunch, an amazing sandwich with eggplant and fire-roasted peppers with Cowgirl Creamery Mt Tam cheese, and carmelized red onions and black olive in a homemade [updated: carmelized balsamic] vinaigrette, and spicy dijon mustard that gave it a little extra bite.  I am not reviewing the fresh french roll that was so crunchy it could barely contain the eggplant, nor am I going to compare the bites that had extra Cowgirl Creamery cheese to "beams of light shining through the clouds" (I wouldn't say that even if this WAS a review, because man is that goofy).  If this were a review, I would say that it was a fantastic lunch... but this isn't a review.  SORRY ELS- I guess maybe I'll just have to post about one of your sandwiches another time.

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  1. That looks absolutely mouthwatering. Umami all over!