pal's veggie of the day (on january fifteenth)

 pal's takeaway, 24th and hampshire, san francisco
 Friday's veggie sandwich at Pal's Takeaway wasn't too fancy- broccoli, hard-boiled egg, cucumber and gruyere cheese on two slices of poppy seed-wheat bread.  Yet perhaps due in part to the sandwiches simplicity, it was very flavorful and fulfilling.  Each ingredient stood out, and the sharp, fresh flavors worked well together.  My favorite part of the sandwich was the subtle flavor of the poppy seeds, which added some sweetness to the otherwise somewhat sour sandwich.  The sausage sandwich was greasy and decadent, and this sandwich was a perfect counterbalance- healthy, light and refreshing.

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  1. yes, the bread was perhaps the best part of the sandwich, very light and fluffy with a great hearty crust.