hey there sexy bird

oralia's, 3rd & 22nd, san francisco

Yes, I did call this sandwich sexy.

Oralia's is this fairly recent deli around my place of work in the Dog Patch. I don't go too often because I have to admit I didn't really enjoy the first sandwich I got there. But, I think it was Monday, there were slim pickens in my kitchen and I created this bare bones sandwich that I was not excited to eat when lunch rolled around. And for reasons that I don't need to get into, I chose to try Oralia's again.

I walked in with low blood sugar, looked at the menu and grimaced. I thought to myself, "well hells bells... I guess I'll go with turkey, it's hard to fudge a turkey sandwich." Sos, I ordered roasted turkey on rye with cheddar and all the fixens minus the pickles - we've been over this before, but I'll repeat, I don't like pickles. My bill came to be $8.20 and like the menu I had previously been looking at, I again grimaced and thought, "awfully steep for a plain ol' turkey sandwich..."

But then, oh but then, a big hunk of plump juicy roasted turkey was pulled from a big ol' warmer and thick slices of meat were cut off for my sandwich.

I got back to my desk, sat down, unwrapped my sandwich from the confines of it's parchment paper and took a big bite. I had never tasted such freshness in what I normally considered a safe basic. And the meat! Oh the meat... I have never had such moist turkey, it seemed like it had been soaking in a bath of real broth - not canned or boxed, but fresh.

After my sandwich seduction, I will never second guess Oralia's when my brown bag lunch seems unexciting.


  1. wait, is there egg on top of the turkey? am i hallucinating? that is probably cheese with mustard on top, upon further inspection