canter's rueben

canter's delicatessen, north fairfax avenue, los angeles
In my last post, I described Canter's pastrami as A+. This is true- it's one of the finest pastrami sandwiches I've ever had. That being said, when the reuben arrived, I forgot the pastrami had ever existed. Canter's reuben is maybe one of the best sandwiches I have ever eaten in my life (true this time, true the last time). I took one bite of this and almost melted in my seat, it was so good. I'm pretty sure I would have fainted if I had been standing. "Dearie me, I do believe I have the vapours!" I would have exclaimed, then bang-o, laid out on the ground. If you aren't speaking like a bourgeois Victorian-era woman while eating this, you are probably speaking in tongues. LA is full of wacky cults and New Age methods of attending universal knowledge and spiritual fulfillment, but this right here is the only true path.

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