canter's pastrami

canter's delicatessen, north fairfax avenue, los angeles
My little bro came to town to visit (from Santa Barbara, where he is embarking on the college experience) and the pressure was on to prove that I'd learned at least SOMETHING about LA in the six months I've been here. I couldn't take him to some bammer restaurant. No, I had to show him the real deal. It was an easy decision to make - with the exception of the bologna incident, Canter's is a no-fail situation. We decided to go half-and-half on our orders (I think we decided- I might have unknowingly pressured him into it so I'd get to eat two different types of sandwiches), and the pastrami arrived first. What's there to say about this sandwich? The rye bread ruled, and the pastrami was spicy, salty and delicious. A little mustard and you're set. A+ as usual. You know what it is!

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  1. Sandwich Blog - very nice. I think Langer's Pastrami might be better than Canter's. But I think Katz, in NYC, might be the best.

    Check out my link on Canter's