bologna sandwich

canter's delicatessen, north fairfax avenue, los angeles

I like bologna. That might gross out some people or maybe just seem like a weird thing to say. Yeah, I know processed food in general is gross and grinding up a bunch of meat and pressing it back together is a pretty gross concept. I also like hot dogs and American cheese. If you've been reading this blog you probably know that I am not too picky about what goes into my stomach, and none of this should surprise you. So I'd love to be able to stand tall and say "I LOVE CANTER'S!" and "I LOVE BOLOGNA!" and "THIS SANDWICH WAS GREAT!". But sadly this sandwich was not great, this bologna was not great, and I really regretted not getting another reuben. The meal wasn't a total loss though, because it introduced me to the awesomeness that is Beaver mustard (both dijon and sweet-hot varieties). Can't win them all, I guess.

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