corned beef reuben

canter's delicatessen, north fairfax avenue, los angeles

this was the second visit to Canter's Delicatessen for me and JoJoJoJo. this deli is totally awesome- the menu has a billion items, and it all looks tempting. the owner's son was buddies with Slash, and they sell a book about the early days of GNR. I got the corned beef reuben, which I think is what I got last time. it was just as good as last time. the rye bread was buttered and grilled very nicely, crispy on the outside but still soft on the inside. I found it interesting that the 1,000 island dressing was served separately, which worked well- it was very creamy and tangy, and it wasn't necessary to add too much to the already flavorful sandwich. the sauerkraut was not terribly noticeable, and the ratio of meat-to-sauerkraut was more in favor of the meat than most reubens. but then, the corned beef was definitely the centerpiece of the sandwich. the creamy dressing, the bite of the sauerkraut, the buttered rye- all were merely window dressing for the delicious corned beef. it was fairly dry, as the meat on a reuben should be. and it had a delicious flavor, peppery and perhaps with a hint of cinnamon? I couldn't really figure it out, but that was my best guess.


  1. cantors is the best, simply amazing. the corned beef hash with eggs for breakfast: also amazing. the food, and more specifically, the sandwich selection, is so much better in LA.

  2. do you really think the food is better in LA? there is a lot there i'm excited to try. i want to go to pinks for a hot dog. also, have you ever been to tacos delta in silverlake? its across the street from a comic shop called secret headquarters and its great.

  3. having visited LA quite a bit over the past couple years I would have to say that it's better overall, if maybe only because the sheer quantity of restaurants sets up that inevitable statistical breakdown.

    someone recommended pinks to me recently, i'm intrigued by this 'pinks' hot dog place... and i haven't been to silverlake yet but both that comic shop and the taco place sound awesome. long live crispy tacos!..